Coffin Showroom

Our coffin showroom allows you to browse through a variety of coffins and caskets, available in a wide range of designs, materials and styles. Our friendly and supportive staff understand the emotional difficulty you are going through and provide a supportive and comfortable atmosphere in which to choose a fitting casket for your loved one. We can personalise our range of coffins and caskets to help celebrate the personality of your family member.


Personal – Professional – Passionate

We offer a large choice of coffins and caskets including:

Oak veneered coffins | Eco-friendly coffins | Solid Oak coffins | Veneered Mahogany coffins | Infant and child coffins / caskets | Solid Mahogany coffins | Traditional solid timber burial caskets | Traditional veneered burial baskets | Oak veneered coffins with panelled sides | Urns, headstones and grave markers | Veneered Mahogany coffins with panelled sides