Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

At Lee Cooper Independent Funeral Directors, we offer pre-paid funeral plans to ensure your loved ones don’t incur the stresses and financial strains of organising and paying for your own funeral.


Personal – Professional – Passionate

There comes a time when it’s natural to think about what you’d like to leave your loved ones. Most of us plan for things that might happen, taking out all kinds of insurance policies but forget to plan for the one event that definitely will happen! This is why we introduced the Golden Charter, a funeral plan that will bring you instant peace of mind.


By deciding on the arrangements and paying in advance, you can be sure loved ones will be spared unnecessary distress and expense at a time of mourning. If you’ve ever organised a funeral for a relative or friend, you’ll know and understand what an ordeal it can be. Surely the bereaved suffer enough without going through such anguish.


With our pre-paid funeral plans, your family will never be asked to pay another penny.


You have the option of paying through manageable monthly instalments over a maximum 5-year period (with no extra charge if completed within 12 months) or a single one-off payment.

Your money will be kept secure in a legally separate trust.